TMP014: TM Integration Infrastructure

In this episode we cover how TM is technically integrated with other systems such as SAP ERP or SAP GTS (A2A integration), resp. with business partners such as carriers (B2B integration) to exchange transactional data such as a transportation requirement or a transportation order.

Both, mediated integration via SAP PI as well as point-to-point integration using WSRM is discussed w.r.t. technical and application specific configuration of the messaging runtime, pros and cons, principal requirements.
For PI based integration, the PI architecture, PI pipeline steps, relevant PI configuration objects, and the role of SLD (system landscape directory) are explained. In addition, we discuss how shipped configuration templates, so called process integration scenarios, can be used to configure the PI runtime fot the TM specific A2A integration scenarios by using a wizard.
For P2P based integration, the recommended central configuration is explained and prerequisites such as service groups are described.
As round-up some basic trouble shooting check points are shortly summarized, and the necessary steps to enhance a standard interface by customer fields are listed.

List of some important transactions:

PI local integration engine configuration: SXMB_ADMIN -> Integration Engine Configuration


Integration Builder (Web UI for PI Tools Enterprise Services Repository, Integration Directory, SLD, Central Monitoring): SXMB_IFR
– Design Time (e.g. needed for Interface Enhancments): SXMB_IFR -> Enterprise Services Builder
– Configuration of PI runtime: SXMB_IFR -> Integration Builder

WSRM configuration: SOAMANAGER

Message monitoring:
– as of NW 7.31, separate transaction for WSRM based integration: SRT_MONI

Forward Error Handling: ECH_MONI

All information provided by this podcast is based on our best knowledge. However there can be wrong information or things can be changed.


7 thoughts on “TMP014: TM Integration Infrastructure

  1. Hi experts, short question: are the SOAsettings mandatory on GTS backend side for the integratied configuration with TM and GTS and PI 7.31(java-only) as the integration platform.

    Thanks for a short feedback.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    SOAsettings = settings in SOAManager transaction? No, for a PI based integration, these are not necessary at all. For a PI based configuration, you only have to connect your backend systems (e.g. a TM and a GTS system) to your central PI integration server (transaction SXMB_ADMIN -> Integration Engine Configuration) and have to configure your runtime, e.g. by using a shipped integration scenario as template.

    PI 7.31 (java only) has one speciality: one has to use receiver communication channel of type SOAP instead of type XI. XI protocol is implemented based on the SOAP adapter in the java only solution.

    Hope this help, BR – Markus

    • Hi markus,

      Have you ever encountered an issue on GTS backend side with the following dump – after all the steps you have mentioned above:

      “No technical receiver maintained in Service Group /SAPSLL/SGROUP_OUTBOUND02″

      And also according to the SAP configuration guide for GTS (Compliance & Customs Management” it is mentioned that settings in the SOAManager is required – even with PI as the mediator.

      I am really not sure if we missed some settings here on backend GTS.

      Thanks for any feedback.

  3. Dissapointed to see that noone has responded to Patrick. We are having the exact same “No technical receiver maintained in Service Group” error in GTS with the short dump. We’ve got lots of SAP backends talking to PI so I’m pretty sure it’s not an issue with the configuration as a backend system.

  4. Hi all,

    Hereby I want to share some facts – confirmed by SAP.

    For a successful integration between SAP TM 9.0 and SAP GTS 10.1 via SAP PI/PO 7.31 the following statements are valid:

    1) Settings in SOAManager at the GTS backend are required as described in the configuration guide

    2) Minor adaptations of the shipped integration scenarios (XI-Content) are necessary – applied in the Integration Builder


  5. Hi all,
    Sorry, for not being able to check these comments on a regular basis, but to give you a more precise answer, you should contact our GTS colleagues directly, e.g. by putting a ticket on queue SLL-LEG-CON.
    To my knowledge, PI/PO 7.31 Java only behavior is still under investigation.
    BR – Markus

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